NEW All-terrain forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD for print
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All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Farm All-terrain forklift with forks and Wood grabber HWC-40A 4WD
The main function is to carry out the loading, unloading and handling operations of wood, lumber, reed, straw and various strip materials.
If you needs special accessories, please consult customer service, and we will recommend the most suitable one for you according to your actual situation

The all terrain forklift is a robust 4WD forklift with an advanced hydraulic system and soft tyres, that excels in any rough terrain application
These All-terrain Diesel forklift trucks are one of the toughest workhorses in the materials handling world, being suited to a wide range of unit loads and designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor work. Powered by a fuel that is both easy to get hold of and straightforward to use, engine forklifts perform extremely well in harsh environments, including those that are wet or dirty.
OUr Diesel forklifts can used in ports, stations, airports, factory workshops, distribution centers and other places, mainly responsible for the loading and unloading of goods.
A rough-terrain forklift truck is a material handling machine capable of traveling over all types of ground, including uneven and uneven floors. Particularly robust, it remains efficient in the most extreme conditions of use.
Our rough-terrain forklifts have exceptional climbing ability. Whether on muddy, non-linear or gravel surfaces, they go where other machines dont go.

Forklift trucks also have the advantage of being able to handle all types of loads. Offering large lifting capacities, they help you to carry out all your operations: transporting heavy / bulky loads, loading/unloading, moving, dumping...

The versatility of the rough-terrain trucks is reinforced by their compatibility with a wide range of accessories. Fork positioner, bucket, tilting carriage, side shift carriage (integrated or attached).

It has good mobility, off-road performance and reliability.
An optimised engine and new load-sensing hydraulic system help to boost your profits through unprecedented efficiency.

*Powerful Stage Yunnei 4120 supercharged diesel engine delivers increased fuel efficiency.
*HWC-40A 4WD off-road forklift is an efficient stacking operation equipment.
*Designed to improve work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Gear box 280 Double high and low speed
Lift height(m) 3

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* One-year warranty and spare parts

* Main feature:

  1. The use of ergonomics and CAE technology increases the operating space and makes the operation more comfortable;
  2. Using high pressure common rail engine, high pressure multiple injection technology, high fuel efficiency, can save 6% of fuel.
  3. The instrument has water temperature, oil quantity and other indicators, and the working conditions are under control.
  4. The opening angle of the hood is increased to 80°, which is convenient for maintenance.
  5. Exceptional crossing capacity on all types of ground
  6. Maximum safety for operators
  7. Comfort of use
  8. Easy to drive
  9. Several choices of masts available
  10. Ergonomic drivers cab
  11. 360-degree visibility from the cab
  12. High versatility
  13. Wide choice of tires (off-road, but also mixed, grass/sand, low pressure)
  14. Easy maintenance

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The specification of the All-terrain forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD

Engine model Yunnei 4120 supercharged
Power 88kw
Gear box 280 Double high and low speed
Tire 12-16.5 vacuum off-road
Lift height(m) 3
Optional: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD  for sale All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD  for sale All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD for sale All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale All-terrain  forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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